The Team

Dr. Nathan Kadlecek, PT

CEO and Founder of Kadalyst Wellness

A few more details about me; I compete in powerlifting, played football and baseball in college, successfully completed one mountaineering trip (barely), Shoe Dog by Phil Knight (a memoir about Nike) is my all time favorite book and captures my own ethos, and few things get me as excited as presenting to groups of people eager to learn about the science of pain.

I’ve lived all over the country, completing my B.Sc degree of Exercise Science in Arkansas at Harding University and my Doctor of Physical Therapy education at Columbia University in New York City. In my spare time, I train and compete in powerlifting. I also love hiking and have hiked Half Dome, Mt. Shasta, and various trails throughout Colorado. Contrary to popular belief, lifting heavy weights is not bad for your back and can actually be done quite safely!

​Emily Sloan, CPT

Personal Trainer

​Emily is a personal trainer, Certified Health Coach, Athletic Coach, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. She loves working with special populations, and most of her experience is with spinal cord injuries and chronic conditions.

​Emily attended the University of West Florida, where she obtained her B.S in Exercise Science. Next, she hopes to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy. When she isn’t working with clients, you can find her working in the garden, hiking, and playing with her dog!

Dr. Nathan Stern, PT

Nathan is committed to providing excellent care by leveraging the three pillars of evidence-based practice: understanding individual patients’ values, application of the most current rehab and fitness science, and by drawing on his extensive experience as a clinician and performance coach.

Although he has worked in the highest level sporting environments, his true passion is helping individuals of all ages and ability levels reach and exceed their physical activity and fitness goals.

In his free time Nathan is a committed multi-sport athlete pursuing goals in the sports of climbing (~V6 level), lifting (1050 lbs powerlifting total, and running (targeting < 20:00 minutes next 5k race).