Tiger woods sustained a comminuted tibfib fracture (tibia and fibula). Comminuted refers to a break of the bone in more than two places.

This injury sounds similar to Alex Smith’s tibfib fracture back in 2018… and if you remember, many people said he’d never play again.

Tiger is one of the fiercest competitors to ever walk the Earth and he has the team around him to help him recover and get back to playing golf at a high level if he decides he wants to come back.

In my experience working with people recovering from comminuted tibial fractures, it’s a long process.

Usually 3 months of non weightbearing followed by 12-18 months of physical therapy and strength and conditioning.

I really do hope Tiger recovers stronger than ever and makes comeback #2, that would be incredible. If he retires after this I can understand and appreciate that decision too.

What do you think?
​Will he be coming back after he recovers from this crazy injury?