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Physical Therapy in Carmel-By-The-Sea

We are doctors of physical therapy who are also athletes. If you are looking for physical therapists who can help you not only get past pain but to top performance, then we can help with that.

Our office is currently located in Monterey, CA but we also offer concierge mobile services, in addition to online physical therapy services. We know there aren’t a ton of options in Carmel so we hope to offer you a solution for your particular goals that make sense!

Life is meant to be fully lived and not just “average.” We believe that physical therapy care does not end once pain has gone away but it extends into athletic and life performance. We believe in continuing to build strength and stamina even after the initial symptoms have subsided.

Here is what our rehab and strength training processes look like:

1. Utilize SPECIFIC movements for specific problems
2. Build a GENERAL strength and conditioning base
3. Foster UNDERSTANDING of either your pain or how to improve your strength, posture, balance, or performance.

If you are dealing with some sort of pain or injury, we do an in depth evaluation to determine if there is a specific problem. We then apply specific solutions for this problem. During this same time we also help you build a general strength and conditioning base focused around learning to lift weights safely and efficiently. Education and understanding your pain, injury, and how to maximize your strength is a HUGE part of what we do, too.

We’d be thrilled to partner with you in this journey.

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