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There is good news for you. In most cases, a bulging disc or herniated disc can be treated without surgery The intervertebral disc is similar to most other structures in our body; it has the capacity to heal. Similar to a papercut, our skin will heal and become pain free. This same healing process can and usually occurs if we’ve sustained a disc herniation.

Another important thing to consider is this; most people, especially ages 50+ and older will have a disc bulge present even if they don’t have any pain. A disc bulge actually seems to be quite normal when looking at the data researchers have collected over the years. (Chiu CC. et al, 2015)

Take a look at this infographic and appreciate how common disc bulges are as we get older, AND how none of these people have pain.

herniated disc healing

This infographic is from http://drjarodhalldpt.blogspot.com/. He has excellent information about all things pain.

​It’s no surprise that the public automatically assumes that if there is the finding of a disc bulge on MRI or X-ray that this clearly depicts what is causing the pain. What we now know is that advanced imaging is only a picture of what our body looks like not how it feels.




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herniated disc

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