In this article, we will discuss whether or not Jenny McClendon’s workouts are safe and effective for seniors (older adults).

I also reviewed HASfit in another article that you might want to check out if you were considering either one.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the article. 

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    Are the workouts safe and effective?

    Yes. I’ve reviewed the workouts and as long as you select the correct ones they are safe and effective. 

    The nice thing about these workouts is that they are not only created by a personal trainer but also a physical therapist. It’s great when workouts are led and created by a combination of the two as this is the best of both worlds. 

    Physical therapists are better suited to treat injury and pain that might come up with training (although personal trainers are great at modifying activities and progressing activity, too).

    Follow the instructions in the videos you will be okay!


    What is Jenny’s Fit Bunch?

    Jenny’s Fit Bunch is Jenny Mcclendon’s membership to exclusive content for her youtube subscribers.

    People who join her Fit Bunch get:

    • Exclusive access to a group training class 1x/week (online)
    • Exclusive access to 1x/week 30 min personal training sessions (group online)
    • No ads on new youtube videos
    • Live chat and Q&A’s w/ Jenny

    Who is it for?

    Her workouts are for seniors and beginners. She is also very good at helping you modify workouts if you are having trouble due to joint pain and other musculoskeletal issues. 

    Who is Jenny Mcclendon?

    Jenny Mcclendon is a physical therapist and personal trainer with more than 30 years of experience. 

    She creates workout videos on youtube for seniors and beginners.

    What Licenses and Certifications does she have?

    She has a physical therapy license and graduated from East Carolina University in May of 2000 with a master’s degree in physical therapy. 

    Her license # is 8355 and you can verify that, here. (link to the license look-up site is down for North Carolina)

    How long has Jenny Fit Start been in business?

    The business has been operational since early 2020. 


    Does she have a youtube channel?

    Yes, Jenny has a youtube channel with 147k subscribers at this time. 

    You can check it out, here.

    How should you get started with Jenny Fit Start?

    You can get started with her by visiting this webpage (link to her website) and it will likely direct you toward her youtube channel. 

    I love connecting people with great resources online, specifically since the internet is so crowded. If you’re a senior or beginner looking for simple-to-follow workouts and great energy you can’t go wrong with Jenny and her workout routines!