One Of A Kind

If you asked me back in my early high school days what my favorite place to go and relax at was I would tell you, “Carmel;” Particularly, Carmel River State Beach. It is always so quiet and calm, a place where I could easily collect my thoughts where you can’t hear the traffic and you can easily sit for hours and read a good book. This still holds true today. I am now fairly close to Asilomar State Beach and am able to walk down a few times a week to watch the sunset and hear the waves crash.

How Did I Get To Monterey?

I’m actually a San Jose native, went to Willow Glen High school and then went on to San Jose City College (SJCC) where I played football and learned how to study. Following SJCC I transferred to a small division II school in Arkansas, Harding University where I graduated with an exercise science degree, started as the Punter for the football team, and learned how to adjust to small town living. After adjusting to small town living I then needed to adjust to HUGE CITY living. I moved to New York City.

I spent three years in The Big Apple, earned my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, and quickly learned that big city life was not for me. I love visiting however more than a few weeks and i’m ready to leave!

After finishing up in New York, I decided it was time to move back to California as this is where all of my immediate family was. They happened to be out in Aptos at the time so I packed up and move back to the small beach town. I worked a few different jobs in my first two years back, one of them in Monterey, and a few in other parts of the state, but what I quickly realized is that:

Nowhere that I have worked comes close to being on the Peninsula.
Nowhere that I have worked offers a truly comprehensive pain to performance model with individualized care.

Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy was birthed because of where I saw the healthcare system going. Uncontrollable costs, no priority of prevention, no dialogue between different healthcare providers, no advocacy for making exercise a normal part of everyday life, and no planning to help the patients and clients get to a place where they are thriving. Too often in physical therapy and medicine we get people to “baseline.” I don’t think that’s good enough. The people who come to see me want more than that. They want to not only figure out how to solve whatever problem they are having, but to also become a better and stronger person, both physical and mentally, through the process of recovery.

The entire mission of Kadalyst is to help foster self efficacy, to help people believe in themselves, to be loud voices in our community, to prevent unnecessary surgeries, to prevent and treat chronic pain, to help people live well with pain, and to assist in the reduction of heart disease, diabetes, and other preventable conditions. We strive to help people not only recover from injury but to return to exercise and life at 110%.

If you’re an athlete reading this, you might wonder, how in the world are they going to help me? I’m also a powerlifter and former collegiate athlete. I love working with athletes and believe it or not, many athletes struggle with self efficacy in addition to acute and chronic conditions. We are only as strong as our support system and we will be a strong supporter of YOU.

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