Nagging Pain

It’s Time to Deal With Your Nagging Pain

Let’s get you back to hiking, biking, lifting, and training…

​We put things off for good reason… we anticipate that they will get better on their own. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

DOZENS of people have told me… Nathan… i’ve been wanting to work with someone to help me with this issue but I couldn’t find anyone in Monterey who truly understands what I am trying to do. “I am active,” “I don’t just want to be able to walk,” “I want to be able to run, jump hike, lift weights, and not worry about injuring myself.” These are the COMMON things people say to me.

If you haven’t heard about me yet, i’m Dr. Nathan Kadlecek, physical therapist, powerlifter, and former collegiate athlete. I LOVE working with active, driven people, who want to get back to living a highly active life but are dealing with nagging pain. If this sounds like you, we’re a great fit to work together.

To ask me a couple questions or set up an evaluation — give me a call!

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