Pain to Performance Program

High Performance

Comprehensive Physical Therapy To Personal Training = High Performance

Dozens of our clients have come in to the office with severe injuries, serious diseases, and longstanding pain. Most of the time, people are referred to physical therapy to help rehabilitate the injury, improve fitness and function after the disease has been controlled or eradicated, and to help either manage or improve pain levels. What our clients have noticed, is that we don’t just stop working with them once they’re “good enough,” we continue working with them until their goals are met, and then we set new ones, together. Our clients also love the fact that we understand injury and pain and are doctors of physical therapy and that we can help them get back to exercising and performing at a high level without fearing re-injury.

It is our mission at Kadalyst Wellness to serve you from broken leg to surfing and beyond, from knee replacement, to normal walking, to squatting and beyond, to 50 lbs. overweight with back pain, to a heart healthy bodyweight without back pain with a solid exercise routine, and beyond.

We want to take you beyond what traditional physical therapy will do. Our uniqueness comes with the fact that we are physical therapists who understand disease, illness, and injury, who also understand and excel in exercise prescription (building a training program for you), sensible diet techniques, and what to do with pain. We would love to partner with you in your journey to overcoming whatever injury, illness, or pain, that is affecting you and helping you achieve goals you didn’t think were possible.

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