Personal Training

You can’t go wrong getting strong

Personal Training and Strength Training 

What do you want and why? Our Personal Training Performance at Kadalyst, Monterey, CA includes:

  • Have more confidence in your body and mind
  • Skyrocket your energy levels
  • Lift more weight
  • Keep up with your kids
  • Run farther and faster
  • Drop 15 lbs
  • Increase your driver distance
  • Feel desirable for your partner​
  • Look great naked
  • Feel unstoppable
  • Learn how to lift safely and effectively
  • Worried about hurting yourself without the proper guidance
  • Deadlift your bodyweight
  • Learn how to squat efficiently
  • Be able to do 1 pushup, 10 pushups or more
  • Get your first pull-up

If you said yes to any of those above, then we can help you!

If it’s something else, then we can likely help you with that, too.

We’ve blended our knowledge in rehab and injury prevention with our background in exercise science and our experience through powerlifting, running, and multiple sports to provide you with the most unique and customized experience possible.

Check out this video below to see a little taste of what your sessions could look like.

​*Your sessions will of course be customized to your specific goals.*

Training Sessions

What To Expect From Our Strength Training Sessions

100% customized workout programming specific to your primary goals.
One-to-one coaching.
One or 2x/week sessions.
45 minute sessions ,
Custom online programming delivered through a mobile app, updated weekly (Trainerize)
Heart rate monitoring.
Detailed education about HOW to workout and how to be self-sufficient (PRICELESS)
Got questions? You'll also have unlimited direct messaging with your coach, Monday-Friday.


Pricing starts at $199 for the initial consultation (60 mins)


Personal Training Performance

Accountability is huge when it comes to improving your health and fitness. The most common reason that people keep coming back to see our Personal Training Performance, is because we keep them honest and accountable, and that they see results.

We are results oriented and expect 100% effort from ourselves and 100% effort from you.

Making a commitment to start and persist with a strength training program is a huge step, and nothing makes US happier than seeing YOU achieve new personal records (PRs in the gym). It feels amazing to be strong and we want you to feel that power.

Motivation. “Oh I just don’t have the motivation to do it.” Guess what? When you’re working with us, you’ll have a time, date, and plan to stick to.

​Our Personal Training Performance results WILL motivate you. Often times we lose motivation because things get difficult, we don’t see results, and the thought of pushing ourselves in the gym, not knowing when results will come through can be frustrating. That’s where the next step comes into play.

We are your coach.

A good coach keeps you accountable, helps you develop internal (intrinsic) motivation, and provides guidance in the form of a training framework so that you know exactly where you’re going and what you need to do to achieve the results you desire.

Getting onto a lifting, running, or fitness program can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start.

Thankfully for you, we’ve got the plan just for you and we will make sure that it is tailored specifically to whatever your goals are.

​You can’t go wrong getting strong.

Many people start with us in a personal training and strength training capacity while others start as rehab clients.

At Kadalyst, we believe in continuity of care.

Fitness and health is on a continuum.

On one end you have sickness and disability, and on the other end you have optimal health and performance.

We work with people along this entire continuum of care and we make sure to stay in close communication with you along the entire journey.

​We’ve pretty much done it all, powerlifting, bodybuilding, baseball, football, golfing, swimming, running, and hiking. We’ve helped clients get back to all of these activities and would love to be the next step on your journey.

We focus on all aspects of health:

1. Exercise – cardiovascular fitness and strength training (although that also has cardiovascular effects)
2. Sleep – optimizing your sleep patterns to give you the most energy during the day
3. Nutrition – finding a nutrition LIFESTYLE that fits the person you want to be
4. Self-Determination – you are in charge of who you become and we’ll help you develop strategies to improve this
5. Personal relationships – having healthy relationships may be the #1 most important factor to your well-being​​

Are you ready to take your fitness, health, and performance to the next level? Give us a call and let’s get this train rolling!

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