Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Improve your functionality

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Your shoulder level and range of motion prior to surgery are important!

We are able to help you with your Post-Operative Physical Therapy needs with:

  1. Total knee replacement
  2. Total hip replacement
  3. ACL reconstruction
  4. Meniscectomy
  5. Rotator cuff repair
  6. Lumbar laminectomy
  7. Cervical fusion
  8. ORIF post-fracture
  9. Bicep tenodesis

​Pre-operative strength training is often very advantageous prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. Additionally, traditional rehab after many of these surgeries often ends after 2-3 months due to insurance no longer covering physical therapy. We are happy to provide services for as long as you need, especially if you are trying to get back to participating in a sport and need to be at your strongest.

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