It’s a race to the bottom and most of us aren’t aware of it. 

We want things cheaper, faster, and more convenient, without realizing the sacrifice that we are making of ourselves. 

Cheaper, faster, and more convenient in terms of food, generally leads to us eating too much and not exercising. Uber eats is only a couple taps away…

In relation to investments, this could lead to taking too large of risks and losing it all.

Everything is a pattern interrupt… this type of marketing is always trying to push the fastest, easiest, cheapest, method of accomplishing some goal that we have. The problem is that the fastest, easiest, and cheapest, is often a patchwork fix, or not a fix at all. 

We want things like this because we are genetically programmed to do the least amount in order to get the most. We love taking shortcuts. That’s why “10 quick tips,” and “27 Hacks for X,” have become so popular in recent years. 

I’m so tired of this type of marketing, i’m sure you probably are too. Everyone ignores this stuff anyways as it’s nothing remarkable. 

If you are building anything, or trying to become someone, work to become remarkable, not FEC (fastest, easiest, cheapest).