Shoulder Pain Treatment

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​Rotator cuff tears, shoulder pain treatment, tendinitis, post op? All of these injuries respond great to physical therapy treatment. We’ve worked with dozens of people who’ve been dealing with these issues and who are recovering from surgery. Whether you are a competitive athlete trying to get back to throwing, an Olympic weightlifter trying to improve your clean and jerk, or you just want to be able to reach behind the seat to grab your seatbelt, we’re here to help.

A lot of people don’t know that you can go straight to your physical therapist if you have shoulder pain. The traditional route is that you need to go to your primary care physician, get a referral, and on to physical therapy you go. The good news is there is another way. California law allows individuals to go straight to their physical therapist without a referral from their physician.

Most people ask us “what’s causing my shoulder pain?” The answer is often not so simple. Sometimes it is due to a symptomatic rotator cuff tear, labral tear, tendonitis, or some other type of tissue injury. However, sometimes we just have pain. Maybe we did way more activity than we were used to and now our shoulder hurts. This doesn’t necessarily mean we severely damaged something (although it can definitely hurt A TON). The best course of action when you’re having shoulder pain, assuming it’s not a fracture or some other serious pathology, is to visit a physical therapist where they will do a full 60 minute evaluation, evaluate your movement, clear you for any red flags, and then create a detailed plan to get you back to 100%.

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