Strong 65 – Strength Training For Seniors in Monterey, CA


Getting older isn’t easy, in fact, there is a book called, “Getting Older Isn’t for Sissies.” We think that’s true.

As you’re aware, as you’ve gotten older, your balance isn’t quite as good as it used to be, your skin isn’t quite as pliable and thick as it used to be, and maybe even getting onto the floor and getting back up isn’t exactly “easy,” anymore.

Maybe you’re actually a quite active person and enjoy hiking, cycling, maybe even running, but you’ve noticed that even with all your activity, your muscle mass is still dwindling and you’re not quite as fit and strong as you’d like to be.

If you match any of those descriptions, the Strong 65 program is for you, with one caveat. You must be willing to work hard. If you do not want to put the work in, this is definitely not the program for you. But, if you are willing to put the work in, you will see results that are quite frankly, astonishing, or as one of our clients puts it…

“It just works!”

How’s it work?

Once a week, you, and 5 other men and women will spend 45 minutes lifting weights, guided by a physical therapist who is also a personal trainer. This is done in person at Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy.

Each week the workout will be similar with increasing levels of weights as your body gets used to the movements.

You’ll also get access to workouts online that you can do at any time from the comfort of your own home, specifically tailored to help you get the results of:

  • More muscle mass
  • Greater bone density
  • Prevention of falls (improved balance)
  • Greater confidence in your bodies abilities
  • Improved healthful longevity

Does this sound like something you want or need? We’d love to discuss more with you! Pricing is located at bottom of the page.

Frequently asked questions:

“I have osteoporosis, is it safe for me to lift weights?”

Yes. Fracture risk is very low when lifting weights, and as your doctor has probably told you, weight-bearing is one of the best things you can do for osteoporosis, to build stronger bones. In fact, a study called the LIFTmor trial demonstrated that post-menopausal osteoporotic women after a 12 week high intensity weight lifting program did not have any higher rate of fracture than those who did not participate.

What’s more, is that those who participated cited better overall strength, and an objective decrease in “hunching,” of the upper spine. So basically, lifting will help you look better too.

“I’m afraid that i’ll hurt myself lifting weights.”

We understand that concern. Many of our clients have shared that with us, and it’s a very real concern. Most group classes go too fast, increase weight too quickly, and force people to jump around when they didn’t build a proper base.

We do things differently. First, we start out slow. We find weights that you can comfortably and confidently do. Then, as your confidence builds, we slowly increase. Over time, you won’t even be thinking about injury and more about how you can continue to improve.

The reason we can even write this is that we see it happen over, and over, and over again with our clients.

“I’ve had a knee or hip replacement, is it still safe to lift weights?”

YES! Those titanium, ceramic, and other joints are very durable and are meant to last your lifetime.

“I’m afraid to workout because i’ll look dumb.”

We understand that. No one particularly enjoys being made fun of or ridiculed. In our Strong 65 program, we all embrace a beginner mindset and take pride, in knowing we are learning a new skill that will serve us for the rest of our life. We are all going through this journey together. It’s a very supportive community!

“Is once a week really enough time to improve?”

Yes. Even resistance training 1x/week proves massive benefits to our overall muscle mass, functional strength, and bone density. Many of our members started with very light weight of 5 to 10# and have progressed to 50#, 60# and even one member surpassing 140#. This all happened over the course of one year.

“How long does it take to see results.”

You may see some early results within the first month. The largest results are left for those who stick with us for a year or longer. That’s when the real change is made.


$35/week billed automatically via credit card on file. Cancel anytime.

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