Life is short but the days are long. 

I had never heard this before until a friend of mine shared it with me. I didn’t understand it at first. 

I sat and pondered it for a bit and realized the truth of the statement. 

“Where has the time gone,” “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since…” you’ve probably uttered these statements, I know I have. 

“How was your day?” “LONG, tiring,” you’ve probably also said these out loud many times. 

I believe this is where that statement comes from. 

Life appears short and moves exceedingly quickly as we get busier and busier with the responsibilities of life. Our sense of time passing only occurs when we are consciously aware, generally of boredom, or apathy. 

The days appear long because we are consciously engaged in them. We ascribe a “long day” as a day where our energy levels are drained by the end, and, if this happens enough, many years could have passed without even realizing it. 

So, it is true, that life is short, but we can enjoy our days more by focusing on being present in each moment and being thankful for our time with those we care about.