Our Mission

Our Core beliefs

To prevent and rehab lower back pain (and other issues) and help you regain, maintain, and create your highest quality life through strength training, mindset training, accountability, and healthy habit formation.

We help you maximize your well-being and live your life how it’s meant to be lived.​

Everyone knows they need to exercise more, eat healthfully, get more sleep, and have healthy relationships. Reality is, there are many barriers to all of these things. The details and consistency of these parts of life can be unclear and challenging. What I do is work with you to create a comprehensive plan for your overall well-being, performance and long term health. Unfortunately, our healthcare system is incredibly disjointed. Your physicians, physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, and other providers most likely don’t communicate very often.

How could they? With our current system, MDs often see anywhere from 4-6 patients per hour. Physical therapists and Chiropractors are not far behind this number. At Kadalyst Wellness, I provide 1 on 1 care with specific treatment plans made just for you. If necessary we will bring together other practitioners to help you get the best possible outcome, i.e, getting you back to things you love doing.