Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Well-being is likely the only thing that matters. 

Shelter, clean food and water, a social circle we are deeply connected to, a sense of belonging and purpose, meaningful work where we feel relevant and appreciated; if you have those things, you have a much higher chance of living to 100, happily.

Longevity, solely, is not the goal. 

Healthy and fulfilled, “Well-Longevity.” Is the goal. I’d much rather be 85 in Finland (happiness levels of ~ 7.7/10) than 85 in Japan (happiness levels of ~ 5.2/10). 

If I am doing work that I find meaningful and that I feel is relevant, makes a difference, and is interesting to me (writing, interviews, working with clients), then I have made it! The same goes with you. 

In our modern society, many of us, not all, have access to shelter, and clean food and water. You, on the other hand, might not have a social circle you are deeply connected to (this can be family or friends). 

You might not have work that feels meaningful where you are relevant and appreciated. 

If that’s the case I recommend two potential solutions:

  1. If you feel like you are lacking meaningful connections of meaningful work, first ask the question, “is it me?” I think we should always point the finger back at ourselves first, to see what part we have to play in any situation. 
    1. If it is you, make the changes to yourself. See the situation through a fresh lens.
    2. If it’s not you, then you’ll have to do the equally hard work of changing your work environment, and/or changing your social and personal relationships.

I recognize neither of these are easy, changing oneself or changing the environment around us. 

But,  please consider, you won’t live a long time in comparison to the entire duration of the cosmos. 

You might as well live as fulfilled and well as possible while you’re here.