In this article, we are going to cover whether HASfit workouts are safe and effective for seniors. 

Until recently I had no idea that HASfit existed and to my surprise, it turns out to be an incredible company. 

Let’s jump in!

By the way, there are no affiliate links in this article I just think what HASfit is doing is really cool!

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    Are the workouts safe and effective?

    Yes. I’ve reviewed the workouts and as long as you select the correct ones they are safe and effective. 

    Follow the instructions in the video and you’ll be good to go!

    What is HASfit?

    HASfit is a fitness and wellness company that creates and demonstrates workouts that seniors, obese, plus-sized, and people with limited mobility, can complete. 

    Their workouts consist of the following types:

    • Stretching
    • Strength Training
    • Balance
    • Reactive balance
    • Agility
    • Cardio

    Who is it for?

    HASfit is for seniors, obese, plus-sized, and people with limited mobility. This is explained on their youtube channel and website. 

    Who started HASfit?

    Coach Joshua Kozak and Claudia are the coaches for HASfit and they have created 100s free workout sessions on youtube and through their app. 

    What Certifications do the trainers have?

    It is unclear what certifications both Claudia and Joshua Kozak have in regard to personal training. 

    However, I have looked at many of their workouts and they appear to be exactly the same as what I do with clients and many personal trainers that I know. 

    The workouts are scaled up or down for different ability levels and are safe and effective as long as you follow their instructions. 

    How long has HASfit been in business?

    HASfit was started in 2011 by Joshua Kozak and has now reached over 250 million people to help them with workouts at home. 

    Does HASfit have an app?

    Yes, HASfit does have an app that you can download on the apple app store, here, or the android store, here

    Does HASfit have a youtube channel?

    HASfit has a youtube channel. They currently have 1.9 million subscribers as of writing this and over 258 million views. 

    That’s pretty impressive! 

    How should you get started with HASfit?

    HASfit has actually created their own “how to get started guide” on their website which you can view, here

    What are the relevant links for HASfit?

    I hope this brief breakdown was helpful for you and gives you more confidence in the HASfit programs!