The fastest way to heal a pulled groin is to stop activities that are constantly irritating it, start an appropriate rehab program, and use heat, ice,  and medications to manage symptoms. 

How Can You Speed Up The Healing Rate Of A Pulled Groin Muscle?

There are definitely things that will slow your healing time down. Unfortunately, there isn’t one surefire way to speed up the healing process. 

These are the two most important points. 

  1. Stop activities that continually make symptoms worse with the goal of slowly working back into them.
  2. Start a rehab program with exercises that are strengthening the region and not making symptoms worse. 

As discussed above, you can also use heat, ice, and medications to control some of your symptoms. 

Ice or heat is fine as it only works on the surface level tissues anyways and isn’t controlling the chemical process of inflammation. 

Should You Massage A Pulled Groin Muscle?

There is some research to suggest that if the pain is originating from the tendon you should not massage it, as discussed in this video by tendon researcher, Dr. Jill Cook. 

In my personal experience working with clients, massage rarely “fixes,” the problem, however, it can be used to manage symptoms as your body does the work on healing itself, assuming you have started a rehab program and are being consistent with it. 

How Should I Sleep With A Pulled Groin?

I discussed this a bit in a previous article, but ultimately you’ll want to sleep however feels most comfortable to you. 

Sometimes my clients feel best when they are sleeping with a pillow between their knees when lying on their side. 

Other times, it’s more comfortable for them to lie on their back and be lying in a “hooklying,” position with their knees bent.

Find a position that’s comfortable to you, that’s the most important thing, as sleep is an important component of recovery. 

Is A Hot Bath Good For Groin Pain?

Yes, a hot bath can be a great way to manage your symptoms and make them more tolerable. This can be done as a bath in your home, or a hot tub. 

As discussed briefly above, you can also use a hot pack. Make sure with a hot pack that you are using enough layers and are monitoring the heat as it is possible to burn yourself.

Is A Cold Bath Good For Groin Pain?

Yes, just like a hot bath, a cold bath can be a good way to manage symptoms as well. There is nothing magical about heat or cold, use whichever one feels best. 

Can A Groin Strain Be Permanent?

While it’s possible for a pulled groin to permanently cause pain, if you take care of it with your medical team and consistently follow your rehab program, this is very unlikely to happen. 

Key takeaways

  • The fastest way to heal from a pulled groin is to stop irritating it and to enroll in a rehab program
  • Massage, ice, heat, and medication are methods you can use to manage your symptoms
  • It’s unlikely your pain will be permanent if you follow the above advice