Do you have low back spasms and you’re having difficulty moving or walking? If so this video will answer a lot of your questions.

There are a few different strategies to help in the first couple days of a back spasm.

Step 1: Try not to panic. When we panic, things get worse. Panic never solves any problems and we need to avoid this.
Step 2: Use heat, ice, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) as prescribed by your doctor.
Step 3: Move, even if it hurts a bit. It’s important to stay moving, walking if you can. You’ll likely not feel like it as there may be significant pain with it, however it’s important to get the muscles moving and the body moving. Resting for multiple weeks at a time is almost never the solution to a back spasm and early + often movement is the best strategy to address low back spasms.

This three step strategy can be carried out over the course of a 0-5 days and each person is going to respond differently.

If you’ve had lower back spasms for longer than a couple weeks, or, it keeps coming back, then you’ll likely want to work with someone, preferably a physical therapist who can help you come up with long term solutions to your lower back pain, rather than just slapping on a band-aid, and hoping it goes away.