This video is focused on long term solutions to solve lower back pain.
Solving might not be what you think though.

It might not be “fixing” a positional fault, or really fixing a biomechanical issue at all.

While there are certainly some biological drivers of pain (there always is), what’s even more important is to look at the context around pain.

How is it impacting your life, what activities are you trying to get back to, and ultimately what is the best way to go about improving your current situation?

There are a few key steps:

1. Determine whether you’re causing more damage or not. Once you’ve determined that it’s safe to move and that you aren’t causing more damage, it’s much easier to develop the confidence in your body that movement is okay, and safe.
2. Find movement that you enjoy. Ideally rehabbing an injury or improving pain should be done by finding movements that you enjoy and that you can be consistent with. There is no sesnse in slogging away at things you hate, particularly if you won’t be consistent with it. The process is always easier if you can enjoy part of it.
3. Stay consistent and adjust as needed. It’s tremendously improtant that you stay consistent witih your rehab program AND adjust as necessary. It doesn’t make sense to keep doing the same stuff over and over again if it’s not improving your overall quality of life and bringing you closer to your ultimate goal and outcome.

What do you think of those steps, anything I missed? Comment below, i’d love to hear from you.