Challenging because we don’t always have peak levels of energy, schedules change, and events happen that are out of our control. 

To be consistent is a range from 0-100. Zero being you fall off the wagon immediately, 50 being you fall off several times a year but get back on, 75 you miss a couple days here and there but you’re likely more consistent than 99% of people. 

I think people fail at “consistency,” because their expectations might be too grand to start with. It’s great to say “i’m going to exercise every day, no matter what,” but, the reality is that something will throw a wrench in that plan. 

You’ll get sick. You won’t get any sleep one night. Maybe you’ll just wake up and not “feel” like it. 

Striving for the goal of 100% is wonderful and we should shoot for that, to “not break the chain,” as Jerry Seinfeld put it, but, realize that especially if we are just starting out, week two and three is when most people quit altogether as the shininess has now withered a bit. 

So, set 100 as the goal, but be realistic that you’re probably going to miss here and there, and, that this doesn’t mean you should quit, but rather get back to it.