Do you just not have the time for physical therapy. Is it just hard to leave the house because of kids or you can’t get out of the office early enough for people to see you?

I’m going to solve that problem for you. I actually do mobile physical therapy. What that means is that i’ll come to your home, office,  and I can help you there so you can save time and focus on things you need to focus on.

My name is Nathan Kadlecek, and I am a doctor of physical therapy with Kadalyst Wellness and Physical Therapy. I offer a couple of different services:

Mobile physical therapy, injury risk reduction workshops, and therapy right in my office right here on lighthouse avenue.

If any of those services are of interest to you, please send me a message and we will chat some more! Have a great day!

Dr. Nathan Kadlecek, PT

Is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, powerlifter, pain nerd, and is always thinking about how to make healthcare better for everyone. You can find him walking down to Asilomar State Beach, lifting at Gold’s Gym, and writing blog posts and doing research at La Crema in Pacific Grove.